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Estudio Giangreco

Law Firm


Dr. Alejandro O. Giangreco


María Gabriela Lasarte

Rube G. Collino

Sabrina V. Urquiza

  This Law office, with its principal headquarters in the city of Mar del Plata, Province of Buenos Aires, forged on the base of solid values and juridical knowledge, dates back of the year 1953, in which it was settled by laywer Oscar Fernando Giangreco (1929-2003) graduated from Cordoba's National University.

   From its beginnings it has been characterized by a profuse and successful development in the area of litigations, with tenacity and creativity as our basic work qualities, gathering a vast and fruitful experience in what it does to resolution of conflicts, so much in the judicial as extrajudicial area.

  As an asnwer to the clients' increasing requirements, years later the extrajudicial legal advice department was created, giving such service to some of our country's most important companies.

   It is for us a well versed law the commitment with the defense and satisfaction of clients' interests in legal aspects.

   This law office counts with different correspondents in main Argentinian cities and abroad, as well as interdisciplinary collaborators.